WWII veteran celebrates 104th birthday by leaving hospital after beating COVID-19

By 98.7 KLUV

Major Wooten of Madison, Alabama just celebrated an incredibly special birthday.

Not only did the World War II veteran celebrate his 104th birthday, he did so after enduring and defeating coronavirus, reported ABC News.

Wooten was admitted to Madison Hospital after contracting the novel virus. One week later, the veteran was discharged on December 2nd as doctors determined he was well enought to finish recovering at home.

Hospital staff sang "Happy Birthday" as the 104-year-old was discharged.

“Even at 104-years-old, he is fighting off this coronavirus just like so many other things that he’s fought off in his life,” said nurse Shelby Hogan. “He served our country and we are so grateful for that. It’s just a reminder that every day we need to wake up and fight coronavirus just as hard as Mr. Wooten.”

Wooten's granddaughter, Holly McDonald, expressed her joy over his speedy recovery.

“We are just so blessed to have him home with us… and he is going to make it through it,” McDonald said.

"He just brings so much happiness to everybody, and just seeing everybody and their reaction to him, it just makes you very proud to call him your grandfather," she told 10 WBNS.

Happy Birthday, Major Wooten!

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