Osterlind - Who's More of a Karen? (AUDIO)

Osterlind Explores a Scenario Between Two Woman and Asks "Who's the Bigger 'Karen'"

In the audio clip from the John Osterlind Morning Show, John Osterlind asks the question, "Who's more of a 'Karen'?" Is it a woman who enters a store without a masks and gets upset when she's told to put a mask on? Or is it a woman who sees a person without a mask, and gets in their face to shame and berate them?

The Osterlind Show Texters chime in with their thoughts and insight on which is the bigger "Karen"

The term "Karen" has become a popular slang for women who seem to have a superior sense of entitlement and expects everything to go as they believe. They're also known for being a stickler for rules and known for quickly calling the police for mundane situations.

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