Fans and Artists React to Recent Chase Rice, Chris Janson Concerts Amid Pandemic

Chase Rice / Chris Janson
Photo credit Leah Puttkammer / Stringer & Rich Fury / Staff | Getty Images

Looks like Chase Rice and Chris Janson are facing some backlash. 

As we all know, just about every concert, festival, and live sporting event has been cancelled or postponed this year thanks to the novel coronavirus. And wearing masks and staying six feet apart has become the new normal in our daily routines. Many states have issued stay home orders and restrictions on how many people can be inside establishments like restaurants and concert venues and it has led to A LOT of divisiveness within communities.

While many people with COVID-19 can remain symptomless, it can cause severe respitory problems and death in others. Over 100,000 deaths due to coronavirus have been reported in the U.S. since the outbreak.

However this Saturday, June 27th, Chase Rice held a concert in Petros, Tennessee (which is about an hour outside of Knoxville). It was held at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary which is a former maximum security prison that is now a museum and concert venue. Pictures and video from the concert show people standing close together and none appear to be wearing face masks.

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Fans and other country artists have weighed in on Rice's choice to hold the concert despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and many were not happy to say the least...

You can read about COVID-19 sympotms HERE