Peacock debuts never-before-seen cold open for ‘The Office’ inspired by ‘The Matrix’

The popular series moved from Netflix to Peacock this month

There was plenty of disappointment amongst fans of "The Office" when it was announced that the show would be departing Netflix.

However, in a welcome turn of events, the series found a new home: NBC's streaming service, Peacock.

To commemorate the milestone move, the sitcom debuted a never-before-seen cold open that's inspired by "The Matrix."

The scene finds Rainn Wilson's Dwight as the subject in one of Jim and Pam's schemes. The duo attempt to convince him that the Matrix, the alternate reality in the 1999 film, is real.

The 5-minute long scene ends with Dwight encountering security guard Hank, played by Hugh Dane, who died in 2018.

Longtime fans were thrilled to get some new content from the show years after its final episode aired.

Each episode of the popular sitcom always kicked off with a cold open that included a prank or a joke separate from the episode.

Will the possibility of new content from "The Office" convince you to sign up for Peacock?

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