10 Songs Actually Made For Your Modern Valentine’s Day

By Joe Hyer & Maura O'Malley

So it's Valentine's Day, and it's one of those days where the day means something different to everyone. Some will spend the day on Tinder, but really be busy hating on all of the other couples around them. Some will be busy on Tinder, and others may even be treating themselves to dinner tonight. Luckily there's a song for every type of Valentine's Day, so we have the ultimate playlist for every type Valentine's Day that you can imagine. 

When your friends with benefits is busy on Valentine's Day.
Nobody likes it when their plans fall through, and having to find a backup plan can be tough at the last minute. 

When you are with your significant other for Valentine's Day, but you wish you were with someone else tonight.
Yeah, unfortunately, if you're eyeing up your "Plan B" this song is for you. 

When the person you were talking to on Tinder for less than day asked you out for Valentine's Day. 
Sometimes you're talking to someone, and they're cool. Then they ask you out right away. But it's even creepier when they ask you out for Valentine's Day.

When you're spending Valentine's Day with the girls to celebrate "Galentine's Day." 
Break out the box of wine and jam out with your girlfriends to this song. Ladies, you know guys everywhere are super jealous of your pajama party tonight. 

When you're taking the time to treat yourself this Valentine's Day. 
Sometimes you need to treat yourself to a little romance, and Valentine's Day is the perfect day to do it. Go ahead and buy yourself that bouquet of flowers tonight. You're confident and you don't need a significant other to feel good about yourself tonight. 

When you are swooning for the person at work, but they don't seem to notice you.
Just don't be creepy, OK? Probably not a good idea to ACTUALLY play this song for that person...

When you see your ex on Valentine's Day and they're with someone new.
This hurts, but Alanis Morissette helps.

When you find yourself texting your ex on Valentine's Day.
Don't do it. 

When you're spending Valentine's Day with your dog.
There is no better companion tonight, right? Come on, Scruffy, you can sleep in the bed tonight. Cuddle time!

When you've seen the third engagement photo of the day on your Instagram feed.
Ugh. There is no SAFE place today to avoid this stuff.