13-Year-Old Dog Retires As Mayor After Four Terms

Photo credit Duke the Mayor

By Avery Yecies

After four years in office, this mayor decided it was finally time to step down one paw at a time.

13-year-old Duke has been the ceremonial mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, a town with a population of only 1,000 people, for four consecutive terms. The Great Pyrenees was originally elected into office through a write-in campaign. He did such a great job representing Cormorant that he was re-elected three more times!

The four-legged mayor served his community with lots of smiles and kisses at different events like parades and Halloween parties!

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Now it is time for Duke to return to private life as an ordinary citizen, and focus on his autobiography that was written by local teacher, Jolene Beckman.

Thankfully Duke will still remain in town for tail-wags and cuddles whenever his community needs him!