500 Bikers Surprise Boy with Autism at 10th Birthday Party


By Meredith Ganzman

Young Thomas Karna's shirt says it all!

This Wisconsin 10-year-old who has autism hasn’t had it easy because he also has a birth defect that affects his diaphragm, a congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

After only three of his classmates RSVP'd for Thomas’ 10th birthday party, he was shocked when hundreds of bikers rode in to make sure this boy knew just how cool he was.

A family friend made some last minute guest additions when she heard that most of the 70 invited guests weren’t going to come. Thomas loves motorcycles, so Stephanie Lovejoy wrote to a group of local bikers to come to the party. Attendees estimated there were about 500 bikes there.

Little Thomas thanked his surprise guests for making him feel special and his family was grateful to the riders who put the pedal the medal to show their support.