6 Nurses Working at Same Hospital Unit All Pregnant At Same Time


By Meredith Ganzman/Joe Cingrana

There is definitely something in the water at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, where six nurses in one department are all pregnant at the same time! 

The nurses, Nina Day, Bethany Stringer, Emily Johnson, Nikki Huth, Sabrina Hudson, and Katie Carlton call themselves the "Fabulous Six-Pack" and are all due between the end of July and December 2018. 

First-time mom Emily says being in this exclusive club is comforting while sharing this new experience with her co-workers and having their support and advise. Sabrina is expecting her second child and just can't wait to have group playdates. 

In a post on Facebook, Katie Carlton, Assistant Nurse Manager says, "It's exciting because, you see these people everyday and they're a part of you family, and now they're your pregnant buddies."

With their due dates quickly approaching, the North Carolina hospital says they’re prepared for the rolling maternity leaves so that these expecting moms can focus on their own special deliveries.