8-Year-Old with Rare Condition Gets Free Rides To Children’s Hospital from Limo Driver

Photo credit Kelly Tryda/Facebook

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Thanks to the kind actions of a stranger, little Mary Alice gets to go to her doctor’s appointments in style.

Steve Hipolito first heard her story after the 8-year-old’s mom Kelly Tryda posted on Facebook asking how she could get from their town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts to her daughter’s hospital in Boston.

When Steve saw the post, it instantly resonated with him because when he was young, his own mother had to drive him back and forth to hospitals. So, Steve had the chance to pay it forward with his own limousine company, Silver City Limousines. Now every appointment Mary Alice has for her rare genetic condition, called Brittle cornea syndrome (BCS), which affects her skin, organs, and tissues, she rides first class in one of Steve's limos!  

Speaking with Radio.com, mom Kelly says she was very surprised when Steven reached out to her. "I didn't know him or his company as we were new to the area," she says. "I was skeptical at first but I did some digging before I'd let my daughter and myself go off with a stranger." After the two had spoken, Kelly finally agreed to their initial ride in August 2017.

"When we arrived home from the first trip Steven said he wanted me to give him all of Mary Alice's Boston Children's appts so he could take her. He has held up his promise to Mary Alice and we have taken seven rides with Silver City Limousine. When he can't drive personally, he sends one of his other drivers, James Rose who also treats Mary Alice like a princess!"

Kelly says the service the men provide eases what is a usually high-level stress day. Driving into the city, fighting traffic, parking, etc. can certainly take its toll with kids involved. "It gives my husband and me a chance to breathe before the appointment and get my questions in order for the specialists or surgeons. For Mary Alice it's some fun time before the poking and prodding of the appointments start."