84-year-old Former Playboy Bunny Rocking Instagram’s Fashion Game


By Meredith Ganzman

For 84-year-old former Playboy bunny Dorrie Jacobson, when it comes wearing what you want, age is just a number.

"Women today over 60, over 70, she may be out there running a business. She’s online dating. She’s running marathons. So we have to redefine what aging looks like," Jacobson says.

It all started with her first pair of hot pants in junior high. And as this tech consultant turned fashion blogger gets older, her style just keeps getting better. The fashion industry, known for being youth obsessed, should take notice, she says.

"I don’t care what age I am, at 70, at 80, I’m going to be wearing pumps. I’m going to be wearing skinny jeans. And you’re going to get this mindset where people are just growing, and they’re going to continue to stay relevant."

Jacobson agrees- her fashion sense is only continuing to evolve.

"Old women really don’t have an expiration date. We can be fashionable at any age."