9 Surprising Disneyland Facts To Celebrate The 63rd Anniversary


By Kayla Jardine

In honor of the iconic theme park celebrating it’s 63rd anniversary, here are NINE Disneyland facts that’ll surprise you! 

  • When it first opened on July 17th, 1955 the cement didn’t set in time, so women’s heels kept sinking in.
  • It was only $3.50 to get in in 1955.
  • Of the 18 attractions that opened, 14 are still running including a favorite, 'The Mad Tea Party." 
  • Four years later the monorail became the first one operating in the entire western hemisphere.
  • Did you know the gold on the outside of 'It’s a Small World’ is really 22 karat gold? 
  • Actual human skeletons were used as props for the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride when it opened in 1967.
  • In 1995, a time capsule was buried in Sleeping Beauty’s castle, which will be opened on its 80th anniversary in 2035.
  • But be careful what you bring to the park: every year they collect more than 6,000 cell phones and 3,500 digital cameras. 
  • Disney surprisingly makes twice as much money from their theme parks than from their actual movies. 

It took a lot of faith, trust and pixie dust to make the happiest place on earth what it is today!