93-Year-Old Marine Finally Receives Sergeant Promotion After 73-Years


By Kayla Jardine

Edgar Harrell was finally honored for becoming a Sergeant in the Marines -- 73-years-later.

The now 93-year-old was aboard the USS Indianapolis in 1945 when two Japanese missiles hit the vessel, leaving 317 alive of the 1,196 sailors aboard in the single largest loss of life from a ship in the Navy’s history. The veteran floated in the shark-infested Pacific Ocean for four-and-a-half days in 110 degree temperature weather.

After spending months recovering, he forgot all about his Sergeant promotion.

Edgar dedicated his life to telling war stories and even wrote a book, but It wasn’t until he met a Major General and happened to mention his unofficial promotion that plans were set in motion to honor him properly. 

With his friends and family gathered around, Edgar Harrell officially became a Sergeant during a ceremony on Thursday, August 16th in his hometown of Clarksville, TN, finally fulfilling a promise made seven decades earlier.