Why Tom Brady's Anger Over Netflix Cameo Could be Bad News for Jets


Like Bruce Banner, Patriots QB Tom Brady can turn into an almost unstoppable beast when he’s angry. (Of course the New England field general is pretty darn good when he’s happy, too.)

As we all saw in the wake of TB12’s short, but controversial cameo in the new Netflix comedy series “Living With Yourself,” Brady is angry right now.

During his Saturday afternoon meeting with reporters at his Gillette Stadium locker, Brady directed (misdirected?) his anger at the press. Brady called out the “blame and shame media atmosphere.”

The issue at hand is that the cameo shows the smiling Patriots quarterback exiting a spa in a what an aerial reveals is a strip mall before getting into a waiting SUV. Fair or not, when the clip hit Twitter and the internet last Friday night viewers immediately made a connection to New England owner Robert Kraft’s issues last winter stemming from visits to a strip mall massage parlor in Florida.

During his press conference Brady made it clear he didn’t make the cameo spoofing, trolling or alluding to Kraft in any way.

“It was shot on a green screen. It was agreed to a year ago. It was written four years ago. I think it’s unfortunate that people would choose to think I would ever do something like that about Mr. Kraft. I think that’s just a very bad assessment of my relationship with him. I would never do that,” Brady declared in a pretty emotional fashion.

“I think everybody knows what our relationship is about. For 20 years, it’s nothing but love and respect. [I’ve] been through a lot of tough things with him and I love him dearly. I sympathize with a lot of things that he’s gone through in his life. So, I empathize with a lot of people that get taken advantage of and used, and understand that that’s just part of what we’re living in, and that’s what it’s about.”

From afar it looks like Brady should actually be far more upset with the producers of “Living With Yourself.” Apparently the script revolves around a facility that takes the best characteristics out of clients and clones them to create their best possible self, which would explain Brady’s line in the cameo alluding to his “sixth” visit, coinciding with number of Super Bowls the ageless legend has won.

But the short version seen by most viewers, at least the clip that created the minor controversy on the internet, shows nothing more than Brady seemingly leaving a strip mall massage parlor. Context or not, it was a bad look that left Brady angry, which is probably good news for Patriots fans and bad news for the Jets, New England’s latest opponent (victim) on Monday Night Football.

Over the years Brady has shown that when he’s upset, motivated even further past his normal insatiable drive to succeed, the opposition usually pays for it.

As Brady’s success and the entire Patriot way of winning was put on trial in the 2007 Spygate scandal, he and his offense rewrote the record books. Coming off his silly Deflategate suspension to open the 2016 season, Brady played nearly flawless football – 28 touchdowns compared to just 2 interceptions – on the way to another Super Bowl ring and MVP handed to him by Roger Goodell, the face of the witch-hunt that led to the suspension.

There are countless other minor examples over the last two decades when perceived slights in a given week have pushed Brady to an even more frothing pre-game lather than usual. History tells us that an angry Brady is simply a very good Brady.

Oh, and “Living With Yourself” creator/writer/director Timothy Greenberg just so happens to be a Jets fan. How convenient.

Maybe Brady really is focusing his anger at the media right now. Maybe behind the scenes he’s fixating on the producers and decision-makers who brought “Living With Yourself” to TV screens everywhere. Maybe he’s mad at the world, the self-proclaimed positive person again upset with the society around him and how he’s treated by it.

Regardless of who Brady blames, the easiest and most likely target for his release of emotions Monday night is Greenberg’s Jets. Already New England’s hated rival over the years thanks to Bill Belichick’s departure from the franchise, Spygate, Rex Ryan’s tenure and everything else that goes into the old Border War battles, Brady has even more fuel to fire him up in Monday night’s matchup in New York.

Brady is angry. Ironically, a Gang Green 1-4 Jets team that’s suddenly considered respectable with Sam Darnold back under center probably won’t like Brady when he’s angry.

But Patriot Nation sure will.

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