Ed Lover Remembers Laughing With Biggie and Tupac Together Before the Beef

Check out his talk with Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport joined Ed Lover at RADIO.COM's 104.3 Jams in Chicago to talk about all things Hip Hop - to old nicknames, places they grew up, and more. Together they discussed the history of the Biggie and Tupac drama, and Ed dished on what really went on behind closed doors. He also gave an insight on how Biggie really gets down in the studio.

"He had one of the greatest personalities," Lover remembers about Notorious B.I.G. "Off camera joking, all the time. Laughing all the time."

"Always wanted to smoke weed. Always wanted to smoke weed," he adds. "He was always laughing. That's one thing I know about Big. Whenever I was with Big, and there was a lot of times I was with Big and Pac together, we were always laughing about something. That dude loved to laugh."

Lover remembers rolling with the two icons, always looking to link up before things got out of control. At the studio, and Tupac's house in Atlanta, they would always come through.

According to Lover, that's why Big was so surprised when things when sideways. "It wasn't genuine," he tells Rapaport about the beginning of the beef. "It was horrible to see two guys, that were really really really tight, on opposite ends of things. And I think the most heartbreaking part of it for me, was Big had no idea what the f*** was going on. We was just like flabbergasted. Like why is this happening, 'I did nothing to dude.'"

Watch above for more from Ed Lover about how events unfolded between the two.

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