Animal Shelter Rescues Five Kittens Abandoned In Sealed Styrofoam Box


By Meredith Ganzman

If cats have nine lives, then these five kittens are lucky to be getting a new lease on theirs. The adorable animals were found in front of a wildlife center in Florida in a sealed styrofoam box, after they were allegedly dumped.

Staff got the baby animals out just in time, but said they were sweating, feverish and trembling when they found them. Officials were shocked by this kind of animal cruelty and said in a statement, “There is no excuse for people leaving defenseless animals in tightly sealed boxes or tethered in the burning sun, with no regard, or at least, no understanding, of the impact the heat, stress and lack or air flow has on the animals.”

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But they’re all doing better, after the staff nursed them back to health. Although they say just a few minutes more on their own could have resulted in seizures and even death. The animal center says the kittens will soon be ready for adoption to the forever homes that these lucky animals deserve.