Bear Cub Stuck In Basement Gets a Helping Hand While Mom Watches On

Photo credit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Curiosity got this little bear stuck! 

When Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources supervisor Dave Walz was finishing his shift, he got a call that a bear cub had found its way into a newly constructed basement, while nearby the animal's mother and siblings watched and waited for the helpless cub to come home.

Thankfully dave came to the rescue and put a ladder down for the bear to climb up, reuniting the fluffy cub with its family. 

In a post on Facebook, the department writes, "Going above and beyond to help Wisconsin’s wildlife comes in many forms. Wisconsin DNR Warden Supervisor Dave Walz had just finished his shift when he received a call from the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office - a curious bear cub had found itself in a newly constructed open basement. While the cub’s mother and siblings watched from afar, Walz, with help from the homeowner, used a ladder to help the cub escape from the basement and reunite with its family. If you see wildlife that may be in need of assistance, be sure to keep your distance and contact DNR staff."

So keep in mind, little ones: While curiosity is good -- just beware of basements!