Brian Wilson’s Daughter Shares Tender Moment With Beach Boys Legend

Hear him sing "Love and Mercy" at home
Photo credit © Admedia, Inc

Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson spent some time with his family this week before going back on the road. His daughter, Carnie, captured a tender moment at home and posted it on Instagram.

Wilson is seen relaxing in a comfortable chair while singing his song “Love and Mercy” with the accompaniment of an unseen piano player. It may be the smallest audience the 76-year-old has ever played for, and it’s a rare look at the singer in such an environment.

Wilson and his stellar backing band have a series of dates through November 25th in which they will alternate between two themes: Pet Sounds: The Final Performances and Greatest Hits Live! The latter features special guest Al Jardine of The Beach Boys.  

Wilson, along with Jardine and Blondie Chaplin, will also be performing The Beach Boys Christmas Album in its entirety for the first time ever this year. Those shows begin on November 28th.