Dave Grohl Has Fun with Drunk Stage-Crasher

Watch what happened at a Foo Fighters show in Vegas

You never know what’s going to happen at a Foo Fighters concert, especially when it happens at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We’ve already seen video of frontman Dave Grohl falling off the stage during the performance after chugging a beer. Now new video has surfaced showing a seemingly drunk fan “crashing” the stage and becoming the star of the show.

The fun begins when Grohl spots the middle-aged, business casual man in the crowd. “We’ve got someone up top,” Grohl announces during an interlude. “We’ve got someone flying first class tonight,” as the man is passed up to the stage on the shoulders of audience members. “He’s coming up!,” Grohl exclaims as security actually helps the man on-stage.

The man, who eventually identifies himself as ”Jay from Bombay,” hijacks the mic and high-fives band members. Grohl describes it as some “office party s***.” Grohl and Jay also share a hug and drink champagne together while Jay does a lot of dancing. The whole thing lasts about 8 minutes before security finally escorts “Jay from Bombay” off-stage.

“His ass is so fired,” Grohl said to wrap things up. “I don’t know who he works for.” Another eventful night for rock's newest legend, who somehow turned 50 today.