Dave Grohl Reveals His Bucket List Band To Drum For

Watch Foo Fighters cover a classic song by his choice
Photo credit Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for LACMA

There isn’t much Dave Grohl hasn’t accomplished professionally. He of course currently fronts and plays guitar for one of the biggest bands in the world in Foo Fighters. He’s played drums for Nirvana, which at one time was one of the biggest bands in the world. And he’s performed and recorded with numerous other acts like Queens of the Stone Age and Tenacious D.

So what’s left? A hard-rocking band from down under is all. During an interview with Forbes, Grohl was asked if he had a “dream person” to play drums for.

AC/DC,” Grohl replied. “That's my last one, that's it. Phil Rudd is back though. If you dive back into their back catalog, that early s**t, there was a little bit more dynamic, then they settled into the groove. That's the thing. And it's because of Phil Rudd. It's AC/DC, but that guy holds the key.”

Grohl has already proven he has what it takes to pull off AC/DC, at least as a singer/guitarist, and we have no doubt he could do it on drums as well. Check out this spectacular clip of Foo Fighters covering “Let There Be Rock.”