Eric Church Lets His Backup Singer Shine on a Beatles Classic

Watch the two "Come Together" at a recent show

A back-up singer for country music star Eric Church took center stage during a show in St. Louis.

With the lights dim, Joanna Cotten strolled from her position in the back to the spotlight in the front, while the band launched into the familiar opening riff of “Come Together” by the Beatles. Cotten handled the lead vocals and Church joined her after the first verse.

It wasn’t a new experience for Cotten. She got some screen time with Church on “Desperate Man” during the 52nd annual CMA Awards. The Memphis native also released two studio albums of her own about a decade ago.

Church is in the middle of a busy touring schedule. He’s on the road until at least July 7th when he plays the Cavendish Beach Music Festival in Canada. Church’s new album Desperate Man was released late last year and is available everywhere.