How a Break from Social Media Changed Brett Eldredge

The country star is back online after a 2 month hiatus
Photo credit Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Black & White TV

62 days passed between January 2nd and March 6th, and every one of those days was exactly the same for Brett Eldredge in one key way: he used a flip phone and stayed away from social media.

But he’s back. And he’s learned a lesson. Eldredge broke his silence with an Instagram post this week and shared his new perspective:

“Getting away from the noise and into feeling life and the sunsets and the rain and everything...damn it’s a powerful thing...I love music more than ever and hell I even love myself… I am creating music on such a deeper level than ever and now getting back to playing live, it’s all starting to make sense...I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows, life is life, but it can and will be beautiful!”

It all started at the start of the new year for the “Drunk on Your Love” singer. He said he needed to take a moment to experiment and to see what it’s like to live in the present:

“To start 2019, I am going to go back in time to 2002. That was the year I got my first color flip phone with a lil megapixel camera on it...I felt like a bad ass...I would carry it everywhere I went but never look at it to check the never ending “Breaking News” or constantly compare my life to someone else’s...I wouldn’t sit at the dinner table and be halfway paying attention to my buddies convo’s because I was watching someone’s story about how good, or bad they were at “Flossing…”

Eldredge released his self-titled 4th studio album in 2017 and a Christmas album in 2018. Brett Eldredge included the hit single “The Long Way.” He’s on tour right now. Check out the full list of dates here.