Jack White Mixes New Raconteurs Track from a Tesla Model S

Video teases new song while showcasing unique mixing process
Photo credit Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The Raconteurs are putting the finishing touches on their third studio album and first in more than a decade. And we’re getting a look at the unique way that Jack White – always the innovator – and company handle post-production. The mixing process involves an FM transmitter, a walkie talkie and a Tesla Model S.

The band shared a video of the process on Instagram. The clip also serves as a tease for a new track called “Shine the Light on Me.” The song is broadcast with a short-range FM transmitter from the studio on an unused frequency to the Tesla parked outside. Now the band can hear what the song sounds like on the radio and suggest adjustments via walkie talking to the engineer inside.

According to the Instagram post: “This speeds up the process of mixing greatly, and reduces the amount of remixes that occur after artists feel they’ve ‘got it’ in the studio, only to listen in the car on the ride home realizing that the kick drum is too loud!”

There is no official release date or title for The Raconteurs’ new album, but they did release two new songs in December.