Jennifer Nettles Opens Up on New Solo Single "I Can Do Hard Things"

"This song for me is... a bloodletting"

Jennifer Nettles is back on her own, at least for a moment, to sing about something she’s passionate about. The Sugarland singer just released a new solo single called “I Can Do Hard Things.” Nettles says the lovely track is simply about being a “grown-ass woman.”

“This song for me is a truth telling, a bloodletting, a real-life heart opening to what it means to be a grown woman,” Nettles said on Twitter. “It is my offering to honor the reality that, as I like to say, everything is everything.”

Nettles has done the solo thing before of course. Her second studio album on her own – 2016’s Playing with Fire – went to #2 on the Billboard country chart. She reunited with Sugarland partner Kristian Bush for 2018’s Bigger.