Lindsey Buckingham Says Stevie Nicks Forced Him Out Of Fleetwood Mac

Singer keeping busy with solo tour
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There are two sides to every story, and now Lindsey Buckingham is telling his. The official story was that he got kicked out of Fleetwood Mac because he wasn’t as available as the band wanted him to be for touring. But Buckingham told Rolling Stone in a new interview that wasn’t necessarily the case. He thinks it was personal.

Buckingham says the band’s manager effectively told him he was out because Stevie Nicks wanted him out, or she was gone. It apparently stemmed from Fleetwood Mac’s appearance at a MusiCares benefit show. Buckingham says he was told that Nicks took issue with his outburst over the band’s intro music (“Rhiannon”) and the way he “smirked” during her speech. The band didn’t comment to Rolling Stone.

Buckingham says he isn’t heartbroken about not touring with Fleetwood Mac, but he doesn’t understand how a band that has never been a stranger to drama all of the sudden couldn’t work things out.

“We spent 43 years always finding a way to rise above our personal differences and our difficulties to pursue and articulate a higher truth,” Buckingham told Rolling Stone. “That is our legacy. That is what the songs are about. This is not the way you end something like this.”

Buckingham still has plenty on his plate to keep him busy. A solo anthology was just released, and he just hit the road for a two-month tour. He stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month to perform his first solo single – 1981’s “Trouble.”