Shinedown Grants Wish for Terminally Ill Teen

How the band made a cancer patient's dream come true
Photo credit © Admedia, Inc

A terminally ill man from Wisconsin thought he was just going to see his favorite band perform, but Shinedown had something extra special in store for him when he arrived.

19-year-old Zach Olson is suffering from brain cancer. His mom contacted Thursday’s Child to see if volunteers could help grant Zach’s wish to meet Shinedown, and the band was all for it.

Zach met the band, got a backstage tour and met the opening acts, before standing right next to the stage once the concert started.

"My heart was full, my eyes were full, it was amazing," his mom Miranda told WMTV. "To see that happen for him, to know that's all he wanted, I couldn't think of anything better."

Shinedown members Brent Smith, Zach Myers, Eric Bass and Barry Kerch said they were honored to meet Zach, saying he was so strong and an inspiration.

Shinedown opened that show in Milwaukee last week with “Devil.” Check out fan video of the performance below.