Watch Metallica Cover "Sweet Home Alabama"

The band also paid tribute to Black Sabbath in Birmingham

When in Alabama.. you play “Sweet Home Alabama”.. even if you’re Metallica.. even if it’s not the whole song.. or with the whole band.

The metal gods from Northern California winked at their Southern audience during their show in Birmingham, AL on Tuesday. Metallica’s Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute started as a Kirk Hammett - Robert Trujillo noodle while drummer Lars Ulrich took a break. James Hetfield eventually provided the vocals as the crowd sang along.

After one verse and chorus, they went from southern rock to British metal when Trujillo called for “some Sabbath!” What's the connection? Black Sabbath is from Birmingham, England. The bassist and Hammett then launched into a musical duet of “Iron Man” while Hetfield stepped aside.

Metallica is in the middle of a lengthy U.S. tour. It wraps up March 13th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The band will then recharge their batteries before beginning a long European tour on May 1st in Portugal.