Boyfriend Travels 34 Hours To Spain For Surprise Marriage Proposal

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

When recent dental school graduate Isha flew to Spain to unwind with her friends, she didn’t realize she’d have even more to celebrate than getting her degree.

Isha’s boyfriend Raag Shah surprised her at the Plaza de Espana in Seville after traveling 34 hours to get there.

Raag tells, "I knew I wanted it to be a surprise for her more than anything else, and figured if I could fly out there, there couldn't have been a better opportunity for that surprise. I met with her parents to get their blessings, booked a ticket to Seville, Spain.

"The day before the proposal, Isha and her friends briefly visited Plaza de España, which is the place I was going to propose to her. She texted her sister and I that it's the most beautiful place she's ever been to, and that Seville is her favorite city of any place. Hearing that got me really excited because I was going to make her fall in love with it all over again."

When Isha heard their favorite song playing in the square, she immediately started looking around, only to find Raag in the distance dancing it out!

"I forgot all of the choreo as I also started crying," Raag admits.

After she got over the shock of the incredible surprise, Raag got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend and dance partner for life in her favorite city.

"None of my friends or family were able to make it," says Rag, "and only a few of her friends were there, so I knew I wanted to document this trip in a way that I can bring it all together to share with our loved ones so they can feel that they were also there."

We bet Raag will be taking those dance moves to the reception at his future wedding!