Bringin' Sexy Back! Justin Timberlake Unveils New Levi's Collection

The pop star used the city of Memphis as inspiration
Photo credit © Admedia, Inc

“Memphis and music have always been a big part of me and it became a huge part of this collection, just going back to the places and things I loved here as a kid.” - Justin Timberlake 

(WLFP) - Justin Timberlake has a new denim line from Levi's, inspired by the singer's Memphis roots. 

Timberlake recently opened up to Esquire about the new collection: “Memphis has always been a huge part of me as a musician. You can’t mention Memphis without its music history. And fashion has always been synonymous with music; I think one really influences the other."

He continued, "So it’s only natural that as an aspiring musician, you look at the musicians you admire and you see their style and emulate those things. You find those things in yourself and interpolate them and remix them in a way. And then, with this Levi’s collaboration specifically, Memphis became a huge part of it because we started going back to research the places and things I loved as a kid here. Like this skating rink called Skateland, or there was a roller coaster here called Zippin Pippin. So we used those as reference points.”

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