British Foxes Find a Bouncing Good Time Atop Tent That Looks Like a Snowy Field

Photo credit Rachael Prior

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

These British foxes probably thought they found a snowy field -- but they got a good time instead! 

Three fun-loving foxes in the UK found a great use for a government-issued tent that allegedly cost nearly 200,000 euros to install -- they turned it into their own personal trampoline! As fun as bouncing up and down can be, we're sure the critters would much prefer a tasty treat from under all that 'snow' after working so hard.

Rachael Prior lives right by the tent, erected by Thames Water to hide usightly pipes and waterworks from the community's line of sight. She caught the adorable animals playing around on her cell phone and posted the footage on Twitter writing, "The council spent £200k on these covers for the water works beyond our back garden & the local foxes think it was worth every penny."

Rachel says the foxes generally help keep their streets clean by eating leftover food and that they're "fab animals!" 
By the looks of this video, "fab" is the perfect word for them!