People Are Buying Disposable Urinals in Order to Avoid Public Bathrooms

As businesses begin to reopen, and people start to leave quarantine, the new normal is slowly starting to reveal itself.

Apparently, one way life will be different now is the use of disposable urinals. With people looking for ways to avoid public bathrooms, companies that sell disposable pee bags have seen an increase in sales recently, reports CBS News.

Fighting the urge to use the bathroom is an inconvenience most have experienced when out in public. However, as people look for ways to avoid crowds and germs, some have turned to disposable urinal bags as a way to use the bathroom on the go.

The products often use chemicals that turn liquid into an odorless solid that can be stashed and later thrown away. As many bars and restaurants being to reopen, some have kept their bathrooms closed, leading to an increase in disposable urinals.

"While there is higher demand, one is unable to fully cater to it," said Deep Bajaj, founder of Sirona Hygiene, the maker of Pee Buddy.

According to Bajaj, “this is a temporary phenomenon" and things will eventually go back to normal.

For now people are using disposable urinals when out in public. If it makes peeing more convenient, it may just become the new normal.

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