The Internet Is Attempting to Come Up With a Name for the Male Version of 'Karen'


The internet has done many great things over the years, but possibly one of its greatest accomplishments is the naming of all angry middle aged women; “Karen.”

However, people on social media are now struggling to come up with the male counterpart of “Karen” with a number of names currently being suggested, reports New York Post.

Naming the male “Karen” online began after video of a couple harassing their neighbor went viral earlier this month.

“I think the male version of a ‘Karen’ should be a ‘Jeremy’. Anyone object — besides Jeremy?” read the tweet that got the ball rolling on finding the name for the male “Karen.”

Not everyone was on board with “Jeremy,” and so far names such as Brandon, Tucker, Scott And Todd have been suggested.

Suggestions of names for the male Karen continue to flood the internet, with no clear favorite being named yet.

Hopefully a name is chosen soon, or else more male names will get thrown into the fire. Soon enough the male Karen will be able to be properly called out.

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