Couple’s Stolen Dog Found, Returned Months After 1,000 Mile Journey

Photo credit Prak Dara and Kara Hills

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

After three months apart, this couple was finally reunited with their beloved dog.  

Prak Dara and Kara Hills’ pet Titan was stolen from their backyard in Texas and despite months of searching, they couldn’t locate him anywhere. 

Kara tells, "we let titan out in the backyard just like every day. After 30 minutes or so we went to let him in and he was gone. We searched our neighborhood, surrounding neighborhoods and even apartment complexes for Titan but he was nowhere to be found. We never stopped looking, even in the middle of the night we would go looking for him."

That was until they received a call from an unknown number saying he had been found!  

"One morning we are laying in bed," Kara explains, "and Dara gets a call from a South Carolina number. We didn’t answer at first, but the number immediately texted us letting us know who they were and asking if we were missing a dog. I wasn’t paying attention when we declined the call because I didn’t think anything of it and then suddenly I hear Dara go, 'oh my gosh... what?!'

Dara explained his excitement after receiving the call on a GoFundMe page he set up for Titan's medical bills saying, "at first I thought it was a joke or a mistake cause I honestly thought I would never see my baby boy again after over 3.5months."

"We both sat there nervously replying with a description of Titan, asking if it matched the dog they had found," says Kara. "They replied with a picture of our poor baby. It was him, but he was in bad condition. It was a really tearful moment for Dara -- I couldn’t tell if the picture had upset him because of the condition he was in, so I asked, 'are you okay?' He just said 'I'm happy.' It was such a relief... We don’t know what he went through, but now, everything is okay.

"On the phone, they described Titans condition and let us know that he is stable but will need medical attention immediately upon his return to us."

Dara and Kara drove nearly 1,000 miles to get to their boy Titan to bring him home -- but the emotional reunion was well worth the wait.