A Dairy Lover’s Dream Is This World Record Breaking 2 Ton Cheeseboard

August 10, 2018

By Meredith Ganzman

Talk about the big cheese-- board that is. In fact, Guinness World Records just named it the largest cheeseboard in the world. The massive display measured 35 feet long and seven feet wide and spanned an entire street in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

“I just wanted to get as much as I could without holding up the line. So I got my pawful of cheese,” said Alexa Deboth, a local guest from Madison.

It featured two tons of cheese with more than a hundred different varieties, from cheddar to curds and feta, of the state’s cheeses.

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A two thousand pound wheel of cheddar, made by Kerry Henning, added to the cheesy display. “Our family here has been making cheese for a 104 years now, so I’m a third generation cheese maker.”

And none of it will go to waste, says Suzanne Fanning of the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

“We’re going to raffle off 20 wheels. And all the proceeds from the raffle will fo to the ‘Great American Milk Drive’ to provide milk for children in need in the state of Wisconsin. And anything that is still packaged will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank.”

Over 45,000 cheeseheads lived their dairy dreams, as fromage for a far as the eye can see made for one delicious world record breaker.