Designer Recreates Pittsburgh Steelers Logo with Star of David After Synagogue Shooting


A recreation of the Pittsburgh Steelers logo with a Jewish star and the phrase “stronger than hate” is showing strength and solidarity following the deadly mass shooting which took the lives of 11 people and injured six others at the Tree Of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA.

Graphic designer Tim Hindes shared the image on Facebook and explained the inspiration behind his creation writing, “before it was the logo of a globally popular football team, the three diamonds were the seal of a product which helped develop the foundation of many cities across the globe--steel. Like Pittsburgh and its residents, steel is strong. It was a perfect basis for an image of hope. Again, with antisemitism being so evident in my life this week, it was natural to include a Star of David as a part of that image. The Jewish community is a thread throughout Pittsburgh's foundation and an important and diverse part of my fantastic city.”

He added, “we were strong before this tragedy. A tragedy like this just makes us stronger. Just like you can't break steel, you can't break the resiliency of a Pittsburgher. We are stronger than hate.”

Tim’s logo was seen live at the Steelers game against the Cleveland Browns, where there was also a moment of silence to honor of the victims.