Melvin Gordon May Now Follow Eagles, But Here's Why a Trade Isn't Likely


You never say never when it comes to Howie Roseman and the Eagles. 

Roseman has made that much clear throughout this career. He emphasized that point once again this past weekend when talking to the media after final cuts.

”I would say this: Anyone who is available at any level, whether they’re on the waiver wire or whether they’re available via trade,” Roseman said. “I promise we look into.”

Roseman proved that recently, doing his homework on the potential of landing elite pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney. Ultimately, despite Clowney wanting to come to Philadelphia, Roseman passed. 

The same is likely going on right now with Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon.

Gordon is probably going to be the next big-name player to be traded as he is currently in a contract standoff with the Chargers. Things have gotten so bad that Gordon has reportedly been allowed to look for a trade to another team.

Roseman, as he should, is keeping an eye on it and is informed of what is going on, what the potential price would be in a trade and what Gordon is looking to get in a new deal. 

Like Clowney, Roseman will likely end up passing on Gordon. 

Whether it was intentional, a coincidence or his way of letting it be known which teams he wants to go to, Gordon followed the Eagles on Instagram recently. Briefly it was the only team he followed other than the Chargers. Perhaps seeing the hysteria it was causing, Gordon went on to follow a handful of other teams, including one from the CFL. So either Gordon is open to playing both in Philadelphia and outside of the country, or he just decided to follow random teams. You can decide how much stock you want to put into the now legendary follow by Gordon. 

What can’t be debated is that Roseman and his team have likely already looked into the situation. What they have likely decided is that Gordon doesn’t make a ton of sense for the team. 

There is no denying Gordon is talented, but there are two main issues with bringing in Gordon. The first, and most important one, is that he isn’t playing for the Charges currently because of money. Gordon is on the final year of his contract and has a base salary of $5.6 million, a number that isn’t much for a player of Gordon’s caliber, but also isn’t such a small number it can’t just be glossed over. Bringing in Gordon, even if he did agree to play on his current deal, would take up roughly 33% of the Eagles’ remaining cap space. 

Since Gordon likely won’t be coming in without a new deal, however, the Eagles would have to feel comfortable handing him franchise-running back type deal. The expectation is that Gordon wants a contract similar to the one Todd Gurley got from the Los Angeles Rams. Spotrac set Gordon’s market value at 4-years, $47 million with an average salary of $11.7 million. 

While Roseman might be able to twist those numbers around to make it into a cap-friendly deal for the Eagles, it is very hard to see him committing any kind of significant money to a running back, especially after drafting Miles Sanders in the second-round of the 2019 NFL Draft. 

With Sanders, Jordan Howard, Darren Sproles and Corey Clement on the roster currently, the Eagles have zero need for Gordon. Gordon would be the best running back on the roster, but it is very hard to see the Eagles deciding to bring in Gordon and take away a ton of touches from both Sanders and Howard. They also likely have zero desire to give Gordon the money he wants considering he won't be a full-time, No. 1 running back on the Eagles. 

If Gordon were agree to come to the Eagles without a new deal, accept a smaller role and the Chargers were to give him to the Eagles for a low-round draft pick, maybe something will happen. The chances are very slim. 

If something were to change, however, it seems like Gordon’s DMs are open. 

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