DeSean Jackson Reportedly Could Return for Eagles in Postseason


The Eagles season is saved and they might be getting one of their best players back right in time for a playoff run. 

According to an ESPN report, receiver DeSean Jackson is expected to be ready to play in the Divisional Round of the playoffs should the Eagles advance into the playoffs and win at their first game. 

In a recent video posted on Instagram, Jackson shows off all the strides he has made in rehab and it is clear his hard work is paying off. Jackson is running, doing some light sprinting, some light cutting and catching the football. 

Here is the video, and the caption, from Jackson:

"On the road to 100% I’m work’n like crazy !! You ever notice when you go thru struggles in your life how you bounce bac stronger and come out on top !! Pay attention"

Jackson had the surgery on Tuesday, Nov. 5, so he is now roughly six weeks removed from a surgery that was expected to take 6-8 weeks to recover from.

Jackson is not eligible to return from injured reserve until the second week of the playoffs, so he won't be able to come back sooner than that even if he was ready. 

The Eagles, however, have won three games in a row. If they can make it up to five-straight wins by winning next week against the Giants and in their first playoff game, it appears a healthy Jackson will be waiting for them. 

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