Jason Aldean and Wife Brittany Bought Lunch for an Entire New York Pharmacy

To help during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many celebrities and influencers are using social media to help their followers during this coronavirus pandemic by either offering emotional or financial support. Brittany Aldean is one such influencer who posted on her Instagram the other day asking followers exactly what they needed, because her and husband Jason could help.

The caption specifically said, "Yes, we’ve given money to organizations and people BUT we know a lot of you need essential items right now. Please comment below and we will try to help you ASAP."

Many followers began commenting with items that they needed such as diapers, wipes, and money to pay rent. Brittany posted that they will go through all of the comments and help as many families as they can.

One follower, in particular, Patty, a pharmacy technician in Hamburg, N.Y commented saying her and her staff have been working overtime and could really use a nice meal. She explained that all the employees are constantly running around to get everything done and help as many people as they can, that most meals are eaten on their feet while trying to tackle the next task. The staff has been surviving on chips and other quick vending machine options for meals.

A few hours later Brittany reached out to Patty through Direct Message and said she wanted to help. The next day the Aldeans sent the entire pharmacy staff lunch from Panera.

Not only have the Aldeans fulfilled requests, but other followers have been helping each other in the comments section, whether it is offering to send money or giving advice on where to find essential items.

The amount of love and support that others are showing to strangers is a beautiful thing to come out of this dark and uncertain time.

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