Even Taylor Swift Loves This 20-Year-Old’s Taylor-Inspired Costumes for Herself and Wheelchair

Photo credit Lotte Lutjes

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

20-year-old Lotte Lutjes from the Netherlands has a reputation for great fashion -- and has a specific talent for recreating pop superstar Taylor Swift’s most iconic looks.

The impressive seamstress, who is unable to stand for long periods of time because of a neurological disorder, hand-sews all of the outfits and some, like her white and yellow costume, can take more than 30 hours to make.

WELCOME TO THE FEARLESS TOUR FRIENDS -- I spent every day of my week off on this! I think this has been the hardest one so far but I like the outcome! it's also tearaway like the original, I'll try to get a video of that soon -- this is one of the outfits I'll be wearing to my REP shows in June! I still have to make the rest wish me luck omg

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