EXCLUSIVE: Did Cardi B Really Throw a Shoe at Nicki Minaj? Poppy Confesses, There Might Be a 3rd Person Involved

By: Jordana Kalmanowitz
Photo credit © Radio.com

For those of us that didn't get the opportunity to attend the Harper’s Bazaar NYFW party last week (yes, all of us), we missed the infamous Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj shoe-gate incident. 

Admittedly, we have been perusing the internet looking for the most accurate account of the evening.  We are all in desperate need of answers to the hard-hitting questions -- Who started the fight? What triggered the flying shoe? What caused the bump on Cardi’s forehead? Just when we thought we knew it all, we received information that could squash the ongoing Cardi B-Nicki Minaj beef forever.  

We caught up with YouTube sensation, Poppy and discovered in our exclusive interview that there was another participant involved who may have been the real cause of all the drama.


Without physical evidence of Cardi B throwing the shoe – can we honestly say she really did it?  This answers the age-old question, if it wasn’t caught on social media, did it ever really happen?

We’ve put a call into Poppy’s representation to see if an actual statement will be released (via Twitter, obviously), but we haven’t heard back yet. This could be the only footage we have to really tell the story behind the biggest night in New York Fashion Week history. 

Now that we solved shoe-gate, it’s time to get started on our next mystery. Where can we buy Cardi B’s shoe? 

Stay tuned as we will have more from Poppy coming next week.