French Bulldog Looking For Adoption Gets a ‘Dog’s Day Out’ In Epic Ball Pit

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Every dog has his day... and this was little Wade’s turn!

The lovable French bulldog is still waiting for a forever home so Rocky Kanaka, a pet rescue advocate and creator of Dog’s Day Out, a YouTube series that helps adoptable dogs feel loved, gave him an unforgettable day!

Rocky set up a giant ball pit using over 15,000 colorful balls for Wade to go crazy in, and the five-year-old dog clearly had the time of his life!

The little bulldog was diagnosed with Valley fever, a disease caused by a fungus known as Coccidiodes immitis which can cause fever, chest pain, and coughing among other symptoms.

Obviously, Wade needs a loving family to help care for him.

Thankfully with an adorable smile like that, we think Wade will be having a ball with his new family in no time.

To donate, purchase merchandise, and to see Wade's adoption application, click here.