Here’s Why Greta Van Fleet Are Coming for Justin Bieber

Plus, how starstruck they were by Tom Hanks, Dave Grohl, and more

Rock stars, they are just like us?! Yes, it is true, even celebrities have fangirl moments every once in a while. 

For a band like Greta Van Fleet, who haven’t even released a full album yet, the attention and praise they have received from the industry is remarkable. Shout-outs from rock icon Robert Plant and performing for Sir Elton John – say what? While you probably can’t top that kind of recognition in the music biz, the celebrity fangirl moments keep coming. 


Tom Hanks to Bruno Mars to Dave Grohl, it’s safe to say Greta Van Fleet have had a variety of "holy sh*t" moments. But their best story to date has to be Justin Bieber stealing Sam’s Birkenstocks (seems like everyone wants a little Greta Van FEET. "I cried my eyes out when I met Justin Bieber" Sam proudly admits. But he will not rest until they get those Birkenstocks back, "we know you are out there Justin, we are gonna come for you."

From Frankenmuth, Michigan (known for the largest Christmas store in the country) to paling around with Justin Bieber, we have to say Josh, Jacob, Sam, and Danny have come a long way. But did you know before the touring and the celeb pop-ins Greta Van Fleet were performing in biker bars? Check back here tomorrow to learn a little more about their biker bar and polka music days.