Heroic Kids Find Wallet with Over $700, Return to Owner


By Kayla Jardine

When these kids found a wallet with over $700 in it, there was only one logical thing to do, return it to the owner!

Hayley, Ashley, and Regan were heading home from enjoying their summer in the park when they noticed something on the ground outside their neighbor’s house, and a surveillance camera captured the entire ordeal. 
Without even hesitating, the Colorado kids went to return the lost item back to its rightful owner.

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When they realized no one was home, the kids even left a message on the video doorbell for their neighbors to explain the situation. 
Though doing the right thing is payment enough, the family hopes to get in contact with kind-hearted kids to thank them with a reward. "I have not met the kids, but I know my son is working on some kind of reward," Jamie Carlton, whose son lost the wallet, told Radio.com.

"I have talked to the parents and they are wonderful people, as you could imagine."