How Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson Came Together and Wrote Their New EP ‘Apart’

By: Marty Rosenbaum

Pete YornScarlett Johansson are no strangers to one another. The two have been friends since 2001 and came together to record an album in 2009.

The two recently released a new EP Apart and I caught up with Yorn to discuss their collaboration. Although he's known Johansson since 2001, it can be years before the two are able to sit down and collaborate with one another due to their personal and professional obligations.

However, when the opportunity presented itself, the two friends didn't want to pass it up.

"A bunch of stars realigned and it just happened. The timing was right. Our schedules are always off and the timing happened to be right to get together in the studio where she was in town and I was. There happened to be certain songs that I was really excited to hear her voice on," Yorn said.

He speaks highly of Johansson's vocal capabilities, highlighting the uniqueness her voice brings to the table. He said, "I think she's always had a beautiful voice and I've always loved her singing persona. She has a lot of character in her voice and in the way she delivers lyrics." 

Both artists have grown since their 2009 record Break Up, but Yorn saw a noticeable difference in the way Johansson carried herself during this recording session. Yorn said,

"When we recorded Break Up I don't think she'd been in a studio yet. It predated any record she had and I think it was the first time she sang in a studio. It's cool to hear her now that she's got more experience under her belt."

Fans hoping for a full-fledged tour shouldn't hold their breath, but the two do want to perform in concert and have a unique vision for how it gets executed. "We both see it in the same way where we'd like to do a few intimate shows in certain cities where we do a cabaret thing where we could play both records," Yorn said.

Listen to the full-length interview below and purchase a copy of Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson's EP Apart here.