Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico Get $5 Million From Relief Fund


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) -- Volunteers from the New York area are in Puerto Rico to help families still in need after two devastating hurricanes struck the island more than a year ago.

While the world has turned its attention to other disasters, Edie Lutnick, president of Cantor Fitzgerald's Relief Fund, says there is still great need in Puerto Rico.

The fund is committing $5 million to help families on the island.

"We want to get direct financial aid into the hands of parents with young children so that they can best take care of their families in any way that they need," Lutnick said. "You're giving them financial aid but you're also giving them sort of an uplifting feeling that they're not alone in the world -- that people still really care."

More than 150 volunteers are in Puerto Rico handing out $1,000 cash cards directly to about 5,000 families.

"We give them the money and allow them to maintain their dignity and their respect and they're just overwhelmed," Lutnick said. "They says things like, 'Now I can put a roof on my house; now I can get clothes for my children.'"

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund has been helping victims of disasters since its founding in the wake 9/11. 

A total of 658 Cantor Fitzgerald and 61 Eurobrokers employees were killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attack. Three days after the attack, the fund was started to help the families of the victims.

Since then the fund has helped victims of Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti and most recently, the California wildfires.

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