Illustrator Gives Disney Princesses Inspiring Career-Driven Makeovers

Photo credit Matt Burt / Simple.Thrifty.Living

By Rebecca Zamer/Joe Cingrana

These Disney princesses have gotten a makeover, not with fancy and flourishing dresses – but instead as women with successful careers!

Illustrator Matt Burt, the graphic designer behind the fan-art creations says that he, along with his colleagues from the financial company Simple.Thrifty.Living. chose roles that not only fit their characters but also roles thriving in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Burt & company donned Frozen’s Ella and Anna as climate-change scientists, Merida from Brave as a fitting two-time Olympian in archery and equestrian, and Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora as a coffee company CEO since she knows how hard it is to wake up, especially after her enchanted sleep!

Photo credit Matt Burt / Simple.Thrifty.Living

There's also Jasmine from Aladdin who was re-imagined as a United Nations ambassador because she has always fought for what’s right, as well as Moana’s career as an officer in the Navy since she's a natural leader who has always felt one with the sea. Speaking of the sea, The Little Mermaid’s Ariel gets to sing in her career as a pop star and record producer -- perfect as she always excelled in music and singing.

The Princess and the Frog's Tiana makes an appearance as a James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur; Cinderella was fitted as an animal rights activist, Pocahontas’ career is the head of a non-profit focused on protecting the environment; Mulan is a Title IX lawyer after personally experiencing discrimination while in the military.

Topping them all off are Beauty and the Beast's Belle as a university chancellor, Snow White as a leading psychologist, and Tangled's Rapunzel as a neurologist.

Photo credit Matt Burt / Simple.Thrifty.Living

Burt tells "there were two main goals that we wanted to achieve when choosing the careers for the princesses. The first was to have the career match the personality and characteristics of the princesses and fit the theme of their movie. The second was to have them in a successful career and one that makes an impact. For example, instead of Aurora being a barista, we have her as the head of her own coffee company. Or for Jasmine, she isn't just a politician, she's her nation's ambassador to the world.

Photo credit Matt Burt / Simple.Thrifty.Living

"Overall, the Disney princesses have become larger-than-life characters. Many people look to them for inspiration and I wanted to portray them as strong characters and potential role models for others. I hope that others see these as a reminder that they can pursue a career that is right for them and that they can succeed by going outside of societal norms."

We know little girls and boys were obsessed with Disney princesses before -- but with these rock-solid careers, we bet they’ll be inspiring some very bright futures as well!

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