Adele Visits Firefighters after Tragic London Fire

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Adele paid tribute to the heroes of London's fire at the Grenfell Tower this week. 

She visited the local fire department and brought cakes with her. According to a tweet from the fire station, the local heroes were able to share a cup of tea with the "Hello" singer.

Adele attended a vigil for the victims of the fire last week, and she was seen offering hugs to those in the crowd.

The fire station manager, Ben King, said that the 29-year-old pop superstar just showed up at the firehouse on Monday. She apparently knocked on the window asking to deliver some cakes. The firefighters didn't realize it was Adele until she took her sunglasses off, and said "Hi, I'm Adele." 

The death toll from the tragic fire is now at 79, and officials say the number is expected to rise.