Joe Jonas Explains Why Sophie Turner Shaved His Head

It wasn't part of the original plan

Since many businesses are closed down to help stop the spread of COVID-19 many people have turned to DIY haircuts at home - including Joe Jonas.

"I was ready for a haircut already [before going into quarantine]" he told RADIO.COM's Karson & Kennedy of Mix 104.1 in Boston. "My wife did it and it feels a lot better than what it was a few weeks ago... I was like 'this is getting too much,' I couldn't handle it."

Even though Joe's buzzcut looks amazing he revealed it wasn't part of his initial plan for his haircut, which was done by Game of Thrones star and wife Sophie Turner, as it seems he was just looking for a fresh cut. Did he use clippers? Of course not... he had Sophie start just use a beard trimmer with a guard.

"The first time I had her cut just a little hair off the back... and then I'm missing some chunks of hair in the wrong places!" As you can see in the photo below it looks like Sansa Stark may have taken a sword to Joe's hair.

Joe Jonas Haircut

"I decided you know what maybe just shave my head, and it's hot here in LA so it's much better." Prior to the quarantine his hair was "combed back" - tell him his hair looks sexy pushed back! - so this is definitely a big change. Who knows, it may be grown out again by the time all of the self-isolation orders are lifted.

His new look is stylish and practical... what more could you ask for? Celebrities - they're just like the rest of us!

You can listen to the full interview below.

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