Watch How Volunteers Save Chickens and Dogs Trapped In Cages During Florence


GARNER, N.C. (1010 WINS) – Garner High School is taking a brief break from its academic purpose and serving as a shelter for the two-legged – and four-legged -- residents – of Hurricane Florence-stricken North Carolina.

Residents have been dropping off their dogs and cats ever since getting word to evacuate the area, and since the storm has slammed into the area as a deadly Category 1 storm, the animals have continued to arrive.

“It’s pretty stressful for the pets mainly,” the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ Anna Lowdermilk, who is working at the shelter, told 1010 WINS' Ryan Jones. “Most of them settle down for a few hours, but some of them won’t eat. We have to cover them in towels to keep them calm.”

She added, “But the owners come in every few hours, and take them out, clean out their cage, give them food, give them water.”

Lowdermilk’s advice for residents seeking to shelter their pets? “If you have your own crate, and it’s a pet-friendly shelter, definitely attempt to take your pets, because most of the time if you have your own crate, and we’ve got room for that crate to sit. We don’t have many extra crates. Bring your own food, bring your own towels or blanket. We got water, we got bowls, we got cat litter.”