Couple Married 71 Years Reunites After Long Hospital Stay

older couple
Photo credit Getty Images

The lovebirds are back together!

When 90-year-old Loretta was admitted to the hospital for surgery, her husband of 71 years was unable to visit her due to restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

The two were forced to be apart for several weeks, their longest separation from each other in their decades-long love story.

When Loretta finally returned home, her granddaughter captured the sweet homecoming as David cried tears of joy.

In the video she can be heard joking that "the boss" was home.

Krista Kellum captioned the video: "They kept my grandma in the hospital for a few days, and this video is her returning home and reuniting with her husband," she wrote. "Brb gotta go cry and thank Jesus forever."

"The reason I wanted this recorded is because my grandparents have been married for such a long time and their love is still just as strong," she told told ABC News of the couple's decade-long love story. "And they’re still, as you see in the video, so bonded and strong."

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