You Won't Believe Why JuJu Smith-Schuster Hooked a Steelers Fan Up With Season Tickets

(Y108) -- Football season is almost here!

Yinzers are counting down the days until the Pittsburgh Steelers take over Heinz Field again and are doing some unique things to get tickets to the game.

Pittsburgh's wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster tweeted Sunday that he is paying up on his end of the promise that he made to a fan who got his autograph tattooed on his head!

The fan, Joel Schock, made the trek to Latrobe, Pennsylvania for Steelers training camp and asked Smith-Schuster after practice to sign his helmet. One problem: Joel wasn't carrying a helmet. Smith-Schuster was confused.

Then, Schock removed his hat to reveal a mohawk with the Steelers logo tattooed on the right side of his skull, the same one-sided art the Steelers helmet famously has their logo. Smith-Schuster obliged, taking a sharpie and autographing his head right next to the tattooed team logo.

Later, Smith-Schuster told reporters about the fan and upped the ante, saying he'd give Schock tickets to any game he wanted if he got the autograph tattooed on his head.

Challenge accepted. Schock went to a local tattoo parlor and did just that, later posting pictures of it on Instagram that soon after went viral.

"Yup, I got him, he’s got season tickets now," Smith-Schuster tweeted. "Respect!!"

Not just tickets to one game, but for the entire Steelers season!

Talk about a dedicated fan!

So next time you hear a story about a diehard football fan at the bar or watching the game with your friends, you now may have the best story of all to share.